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Debra is a caring professional who helps others find their life’s purpose and connection to your divine highest self.  Debra’s gifts will bring you the answers you are seeking to be true to your souls’ purpose. Debra is the loving sister of Barbara Hirnyk, who is the person who helped her find her way into a fulfilling destiny to help others, which started over 10 years ago.


Debra uses different modalities to answer your questions. Debra is a Reiki Master, Akashic Record practioner, and is a psychic medium who can create a bridge for conversations with loved ones who have passed over. Debra also has a beautiful gift of animal communications which gives you the ability talk to your pets and can provide you with answers as to what your pet may be thinking. Debra has been trained in offering sacred activations, which are used to bring balance and peace in your life.


Debra Reynolds

Healer, Spiritual Counselor

Services and Classes

- Reiki 
- Mediumship
- Akashic Readings
- Sacred Activations
- Channeling sessions
- Animal Communications

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