Rev. Jolie Hasson is an Intuitive Counselor, Master Energy Healer with Arcturian Dragons, Clairvoyant and Galactic Soul *Double Starseed* who works with her clients’ energy fields to release any blocks, and to restore them to their inner state of vibrant health and wholeness.


She offers readings, leading edge healing and coaching for those on the spiritual path. She is the author of a chapter of “The Inner Circle Chronicles” Book III that was released in March, 2016.

 Jolie specializes in Sacred Activations, a modality that can remove the layers that contain  limiting beliefs, clearing out old patterns while reconnecting clients to their true Self and Energy.

Jolie is certified in Angel Card and Oracle Card Reading, and Arcturian Light Healing among  other modalities. She also is skilled in Scientific Hand Analysis and Energy Transfer Reset.  


Jolie Hasson

Double Starseed Activator

Services and Classes

- Energy Transfer Reset 

- Sacred Activations

- Palm Readings

- Sacred Activations Class

- Acturian Dragon Classes