Lillie discovered numerology about 30 years ago, while looking for answers about her own life. Her spiritual journey took her through a soul-searching path of questioning her belief system, behaviors, and her own existence, as well. On that path, she studied metaphysics, and all things spiritual, yet it was numerology that spoke to her heart and helped her rebuild her life. 

Numerology is a proven scientific method that brings the spiritual into the physical in a perfect alignment that guides our lives just like a map. She has been a Master Numerologist for over 22 years, and developed her own method for advising and guiding clients through their path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. It helps to bring clarity in life, relationships, career, and business. Your personal numerology brings self-understanding, which leads to self-acceptance, and that self-acceptance leads to the self-love that brings empowerment.

When you feel fully empowered and have unconditional love for yourself, you will have a better life. It will unfold as you align with your own destiny because it is a universal law of life purpose. It all begins with knowing yourself.

She helps create your future by delivering insights about your circumstances together with the best action plan to shift your awareness and make new things happen. Her method is strategic, accurate and reliable, helping you understand the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional processes that form your life experiences so you can get your ducks in a row and achieve your dreams with fewer delays and less effort. 

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Lillie Cintron, MBA, MN

Master Numerologist

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