Diana is an empath and intuitive. She has a calling to help others and has been healing since she was a child.  Her Grandmother is half Cherokee and trained Diana in the old ways of connecting with powers of nature. She works with her spirit guides and many natural elements to facilitate healing and transmute energy. 

Energy is all around us. We are energy.  One of the ways Diana connects with energy is through dance as it can be very meditative. In dance, you must be in tune with your energy, your partner’s energy along with music on a physical, energetic (spiritual), and emotional level to become one with the dance (God/ Source/ Universe). Dance is like life, if you have one aspect that is out of balance, you are unable to become one with the Universe/ Source/ God. 

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Diana Folk

Intuitive Healer

Services and Classes

- Guided past Life Meditation

- Etheric/Emotional cord removal

- Energetic/Spiritual Healing

- Removal of old belief systems

- Divine Goddess Classes