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 Karen DiPiero has a great gift in her connection and love for crystals. Through this connection she integrates all the elements and energies using her gifts. From the guidance and assistance of her guides, Karin channels messages from many sources including: The Ascended Masters and Entities of Light as well as the Angelic, Animal, Mineral and Plant Kingdoms.  In using a combination of cultural traditions – Celtic, Crystalline, Native American and Natural Elements – Karin is able to assist individuals on their path towards Self Realization. Karin incorporates Color, Crystals, Essential Oils, Earth Medicine, Sacred Geometry, and Sound Healing to give the individual their highest healing possible as well as integrating these energies in the creation of healing tools and Self-regenerating Crystal Waters. Creating Crystal Grids is her passion – for individuals, businesses, and the environment. Karin enjoys teaching classes on Crystals, Crystal Grids, Sacred Geometry, Celtic Traditions & Altars, Ascended Masters, and many more. Karin’s qualifications include being a Certified Crystal Practitioner as well as a Reiki Master. Karin is also trained and Certified  in Pre-Celtic Traditions and the Way of the Seabhean which means the “Keeper of the Mysteries”


Karen DiPiero

Drum Circle Facilitator, Certified Crystal Practitioner

Services and Classes

Crystal Therapy

Sound Therapy

Group Drumming Circle 


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