Angel statue

Sacred Space


At some point in our lives, we awaken to our Spiritual Journey. We at Spiritual Journey are here to provide the support, encouragement and guidance needed during this special time in your life. We have talented and dedicated healers who offer unique modalities, and who are here to assist you on your path.

Sacred Space

Come and join us in our Sacred Space where we hold our classes and circles. Our space was built with love from the heart. In the center of the room you will find a Vortex. We placed a Violet Flame in the center. And to the east we have placed two hearts which send love to the community and to Stoneman Douglas High School. We even have a Spiritual Guardian of the space - his name is Bright Star and he is a Seminole Chief. He loves to join us when we chant and play the drums. And if you listen real well you may hear him playing the drums. 

Join our community  

Check out our strong community of spiritual seekers, students and teachers. Between our Reiki Circles, New Moon Drumming, Psychic Fairs and classes, there is a lot for you to explore, learn and grow. We offer resources for your classes and guided support as well as our many healing sessions to help you along your spiritual transformation. 

Stop by and say hello. We look forward to meeting you!


7420 Wiles Road

Coral Springs, FL 33067


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