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Mike specializes in helping people heal themselves from such imbalances as PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression and addiction. Instead of traditional lengthy, expensive and often ineffective talk therapy, that brings painful memories back into the conscious mind, Mike’s work focuses on removing the trauma from the subconscious. By letting the electromagnetic field of the body guide him to imbalances, he is able to remove these emotional and in some cases physically manifested blockages. He works by proxy, utilizing the quantum field to remove blockages in the energy body, similar to how a chiropractic adjustment realigns the skeletal structure. Once aligned, vital energy and information is able to move freely throughout the body allowing cells to do what they are designed to do…heal and regenerate. Mike has helped 100’s of humans and animals alike, heal from blockages and severe imbalances that has been hindering them in their everyday lives. Mike has worked with doctors and their patients to find imbalances that traditional diagnostics do not detect. He uses many different modalities of healing that range from cord cutting, metaphysical removals to severe mental and emotion release.

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Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer

Services and Classes

  • Emotion/ Body code

  • Chakra balancing

  • Cord cutting

  • Metaphysical removals Financial / Relational, including Intimacy and infertility blockages

  • Shiva murti

  • Theta Healing

  • Animal sessions 

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