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Reiki for Cats & Dogs/Special price

Is your Dog or Cat out of sorts? Well Reiki to the rescue!

  • 30 minutes
  • By Appointment Only

Service Description

Is your Dog or Cat out of sorts? Well Reiki to the Rescue! with Barbara & Laura Progressive and forward thinking humans all over the world are fans of the practice of Reiki, a system of holistic energy healing. Within the last decade, however, the use of animal Reiki among animal rescues, behaviorists, pet owners and veterinarians has skyrocketed. What Exactly is Pet Reiki? Reiki, which orginated with a lay monk in Japan, is based on spiritual energy. Its advocates believe all things are made of energy. The practice of reiki involves energy traveling through the hands of a practioner through a subjects energy pathways and centers, then through the whole body. Reiki is ideal for pets because it is gentle and noninvasive. The practice never harms an animal. Animal Reiki doesn’t require physical contact. It corrects energy in-balances in an animals body and can even occur from distances. A cat or dog session usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes. What’s in it for Animals? Reiki for cats and dogs offers benefits to both sick and well animals. It can: • Strengthen an animals immune system before cancer treatment. • Speed healing after sickness or surgery • Promote relaxation and reduce stress to solve behavioral problems. • Relieve pain and enhance a pets overall well-being. • Provide comfort for terminally ill pets, as well as owners. • Increase the pet-owner bond.

Cancellation Policy

Private sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance for full refund.

Contact Details

  • 7420 Wiles Road, Coral Springs, FL, USA


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