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Spiritual Journey





Wondering how to use a smudge stick, crystal pendulum or read tarot cards, then sign up now.

Check out our latest events that include talented guest healers and speakers.

Learn more about our healers and the unique gifts they offer to support the community.

Feel a little weighed down, need direction, book a reading or energy work.

Our Sacred Space is a place of love, acceptance and encouragement.

Spiritual Journey is dedicated to teach with compassion and integrity for all who want to connect with a higher power. We work by developing workshops for all individuals who are willing to seek the answers that lie within oneself.

We strive to provide a loving energetic peaceful space, and to infuse and enlighten and support and encourage individuals through our many workshops, circles and gatherings so they may strengthen and deepen their true connection with spirit for self-healing and personal self-empowerment.

We want to always live in gratitude and grace for this most amazing and sacred space that spirit from the highest is providing for all of us to evolve and grow and become one with the divine.

Welcome to Spiritual Journey

Explore our upcoming events and sign up now to learn and grow.

The Rite of the Womb

We have an assortment of fun, and informative classes for beginners and advanced.

Sacred Activations

Whatever your needs, we offer clearings, readings and energetic healings.

Energy Work & Readings

We are proud of our dedicated and bright graduates. May they shine bright.

Our latest Reiki graduates

Check out our unique synergistic packages that is sure to pamper your spiritual needs.

Save on packages

Our store has the resources you'll need for your classes and other shopping needs.

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