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Usui Reiki Certification

What is Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a form of alternative healing that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. It is based on the belief in a universal life force energy ("Rei" and "Ki" in Japanese) that flows through all living things. The practice involves a Reiki practitioner using specific hand positions, either on or near the body, to channel this energy to promote relaxation, balance, and well-being. Practitioners go through a process called attunement to connect with and transmit the healing energy. Usui Reiki is considered a holistic approach, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being, and it is often used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medical treatments.

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Angel Wings Spiritual Journey Usui Reiki Level I & II Manual (e-book) $15.99

In the Usui Reiki I&II class, you will learn how to connect with and use universal life energy to facilitate healing in yourself and others. The class is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will learn about the history of Reiki and You will also learn basic techniques for Clearing, balancing, and grounding. In the second part of the class, you will learn how to ground yourself and others, as well as how to use Reiki for specific purposes such as reducing stress or pain. By the end of the class, you will be attuned to Reiki I&II, where Symbols are given to the Student though attunements, which connect the student to the universal life energy. So they  have a solid foundation in using this powerful healing modality. The class is taught by a certified Reiki Master who has years of experience in using Reiki for healing. The class size is small, so that each student can receive individual attention. The class is held in a comfortable and relaxing environment, and all of the materials needed for the class are provided.

NOTE: The hard copy book is available for in-store purchase only for $49.95.

Angel Wings Spiritual Journey Usui Reiki III Master A Manual (e-book) $15.99

The Usui Reiki III Master A class is designed for those who want to take their reiki practice to the next level. This class will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a master of reiki. You will learn how to perform self-mastery, how to create confidence and clarity, and how to focus your energy. In addition, you will learn about crystals and healing grids. By the end of this class, you will be a reiki expert! The book can be picked up at the store.

NOTE: The hard copy book is available for in-store purchase only for $49.95.

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