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At some point in our lives, we awaken to our Spiritual Journey. We at Spiritual Journey are here to provide the support, encouragement and guidance needed during this special time in your life. We have talented and dedicated healers who offer unique modalities, and who are here to assist you on your path.

I Lost my memory for 10 years. I fell in a parking lot and split my head on a garbage can.  I died and came back with 175 staples and 100 stitches later. I spent 10 years constantly working with a shaman to recover my memory. Not only did I regain my memories, but it opened me to my own Spiritual Journey.

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Barbara Hirnyk
Owner - Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan Master Teacher

Teresa has the gift of knowing and traversing vistas in order to assist people in their own understanding of how vast the Universe truly is. She has been doing this for over 45 years. 

Teresa Santangelo
Conscious Channeler, Sacred Journey Art and Crystal Intuitive

Rev. Jolie Hasson is an Intuitive Counselor , Master Energy Healer with Arcturian Dragons, Clairvoyant and Galactic Soul *Double Starseed* who works with her clients’ energy fields to release any blocks, and to restore them to their inner state of vibrant health and wholeness.

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Jolie Hasson
Double Star Seed Activator

Bee’s spiritual gifts were passed down to her from her Mother’s side of the family who was born in the Old Country of Czechoslovakia.  At a young age, Bee saw spirit visions and talked to them.  At 10, Bee put her hands on her 

grandmother’s arthritic hands and helped remove her grandmother’s pain through the energy emitted from her hands.

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Bee Mark
Spiritual Advisor

Vicki Santell is a Shamanic Practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitator , and Tarot reader. She is able to  incorporate all of these  tools in sessions to create deep and lasting  healing for the client or the community . Her journey began in 1968 when she received her first tarot deck. It quickly became an important discovery  tool and path  for  learning and teaching . 

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Vicki Santell
Shamanic Practitioner

Tara teaches Connecting With Crystals -  a hands-on, experiential class designed to help you develop a working knowledge of which crystals you connect with. The class focuses on expanding your intuitive skills, learning how crystal energy can work and impact your everyday lifestyle and growing in your crystal practice. This is a certified class.

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Tara Hofmann
Certified Crystal Educator

A caring professional who helps others find their life’s purpose and connection to their divine highest self, Debra’s gifts provide answers to your souls’ purpose. Debra is the loving sister of Barbara Hirnyk, who is the person who helped her find her way into a fulfilling destiny to help others, which started over 10 years ago.

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Debra Reynolds
Healer, Spiritual Counselor

Our Healers