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George DiPiero combines a mixture of healing practices; Atlantean, Angelic, Celtic, Crystaline, Inca and Native American. Using the assistance of his guides, George has created many Atlantean tools such as Three and Four-sided Copper Pyramids, Atlantean Healing Portal, and individualized handheld tools. All tools are made with Guidance, intention and specific Purpose. With direction from guides, George assists others in self-healing – individual instruction as well as teaching classes. One of the unique gifts George uses regularly is moving energy. This is done through a process of scanning and removal of unwanted energies. George is able to program his scanning to detect a multitude of energy types: excess energy, trauma – physical and energetic, past life trauma, and low energies among others. George’s healing mission is to transmute dense enegies into positive Love and Light to help restore Balance in individual and the planet. George’s qualifications include being a Certified Crystal Practitioner as well as a Reiki Master. 


George DiPiero

Drum Circle Facilitator, Certified Crystal Practitioner

Services and Classes

Crystal Therapy

Sound Therapy

Group Drumming Circle 


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